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In case you didn't know, HollerPeople is a Philadelphia-based, multimedia publisher working with teens and young adults. We are looking for talented young people who sing, dance, rap, write, draw or act. We're looking for kids who are doing big things with their school, community, their church, mosque or synagoge. If you have skills as a singer, rapper, writer, spoken word artist, photographer, visual artist, or video artist, or you know people with skills and talent, then this is the place to be. Check out the site.  

It's almost time for high school graduation and that means that paying for college tuition and fees are not far away either. Who doesn't need some help with college expenses? The Harold Jackson Scholarship provides a little help to students in the form of a $1000 check, that can help with those unexpected expenses, when they need it most. In 2011, our Harold Jackson Scholarship winners were Chantelle LaNette O’Kelly, a student at Allen University and John Jamison who attends Virginia Union University. They join 2010 winners, Richard Tull, Jr. a student at West Chester University and Yuri Hodges who attends Drexel University. Click here to learn more.

We have Contests for stuff that you can use to step your game up, like ipods, headphones, microphones, and arts supplies. There is also a listing of programs, activities and opportunities called Info Spot. There is a page for Free Stuff, like free music, ringtones, software and other stuff. Right now, there's a free song to download from South Philly rappers, DBH & D-Vicious. 

We present interviews with teens and adults who are doing something special that we all need to know about. It's called Profiles. Our very first Profile is with none other than Philly's underground rap legend, Reed Dollaz. We also have an information page for parents and adults called Adults Only?. Finally, we have our store. It's not up and running right now, but give us a minute and we will get it straight.

OK. So there ya go. We're happy that you're here and we hope you stick around for a while.



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